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Jogja Expo Centre , 13 – 16 March 2017

After a big success in organizing Jogjakarta International Furniture and Craft Fair Indonesia (JIFFINA) 2016, Forum JIFFINA Java-Bali and PT. Strategic Global returns with bigger space for JIFFINA 2017 which can accommodates more exhibitors and satisfy more buyers by presenting excellent and unique designs right from the resources. This JIFFINA will also bring Indonesia along to the International Furniture Show in Asia Circle, in March 2017.This year, JIFFINA still will be held in Yogyakarta. As we know, Special Region Yogyakarta is the second most visit tourism destination in Indonesia after Bali. Yogyakarta is not only a city for vacation but also for business. Although until now, the International Flights are still limited, the flow of the people coming in to Yogyakarta is surprisingly increasing, moreover, if International Airport of KulonProgo is finally opened on 2019, there will be more and more people and commodities coming in and going out of Indonesia, therefore, the economy in Yogyakarta will also increase and develop more and more and Yogyakarta itself will become a modern city with a connected infrastructure to not only Jakarta but also other cities. This is the momentum that makes the organizer of JIFFINA 2017 realize that they have to take the chance as years of preparation before the International Airport to be officially opened, for the business people especially in Furniture and Craft to finally become the stakeholders who could be the determinants for the export and import in Special Region Yogyakarta, as Yogyakarta has all the needs for Furniture and Craft Industry to become the third export commodities after textile and leather.

Jogja International Furniture and Craft Fair Indonesia (JIFFINA 2017) which will be held in 4 days, besides to introduce our products in International market, we also hope that this exhibition could also improve the target of export and production in order to have a greater contribution for foreign exchange and the manpower. Apart of that, the image of our Furniture as a green product could also be popularized throughout this exhibition.

The constantly changing and developing of furniture’s trend in the world, attract the business people in this industry. It demands hard work and extra efforts to always keep the designs of the furniture products up to date according to the newest trend without losing the uniqueness and identity of Indonesia. Furthermore, it requires the awareness of innovation, a refreshing and creative furniture products, inspired by local culture that could match the market demand as a movement of developing the competitiveness of national furniture and craft industry.

JIFFINA will be held from March 13th – 16th 2017 in Jogja Expo Centre (JEC), Yogyakarta, as one of the biggest venue of exhibition in Indonesia. The second exhibition of JIFFINA has more target than JIFFINA2016. The target of the exhibition space is 8000m2, for more than 300 exhibitors, and 4000 worldwide buyers, from more than 60 countries. To succeed this exhibition, the organizers consist of Forum JIFFIA Java-Bali, cooperate with PT Strategic Global as its event organizer, with the support of ASMINDO and Regional Council of HIMKI Special Region Yogyakarta, that provides all the facilities in order to increase the number of the buyers and visitors with comfort and at the same time, could enjoy the friendliness of Yogyakarta. Those facilities consist of 5 stars hotel, shuttle bus from hotel and airport to exhibition venue, free Wi-Fi in the venue and the other supportive facilities.



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